Klara K. Nordén




A core theme uniting my research is understanding the diversity of life on Earth. I have explored this in deep time, researching ecosystem turnover in dinosaur ecosystems, as well as in the present, studying the evolution of plumage colors in birds.

Structural color

Some of the most vibrant colors in nature, such as the metallic blue of a peacock, are built with microscopic structures that interact with light to produce color. I study the evolution of structural colors in feathers, using a combination of optics, sensory ecology and evolutionary biology.

Science communication

I am passionate about science communication, and have talked about my research to a broad range of audiences. I also produce a podcast about the science of natural history collections, and am active in science outreach and education initiatives at my university and at nearby museums.

About me

I am an experienced researcher with expertise across three fields intersecting biodiversity - evolutionary biology, ecology, and paleontology. I have managed and funded several research projects from start to finish, built interdisciplinary and international collaborations, and developed strong skills in data collection, analysis and presentation. As an interdisciplinary scientist, I am particularly good at distilling complex problems into key insights and communicating it effectively to a broad range of audiences and stakeholders.

Klara Nordén


A sample of my most recent work

Evolution of brilliant iridescent feather nanostructures

Historical Contingency and Developmental Constraints in Avian Coloration

Melanosome diversity and convergence in the evolution of iridescent avian feathers

Brief CV


  • 2010-2012

    Lund, Sweden

    Gymnasium (high school)

  • 2013-2017

    University of Bristol
    Bristol, UK

    MSci Palaeontology and Evolution

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    Princeton University
    Princeton, USA

    PhD Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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